Shop Haida Gwaii is more than a store - it's a place to connect. Explore the gifts of Haida Gwaii, peer into the studios of the island, and get inspired. Art is at the heart of an authentic Haida Gwaii experience. We invite you to revel in the arts of Haida Gwaii and support the artists that embody that experience.

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Birthed from necessity, built for community

How Shop Haida Gwaii was born.

Haida Gwaii has a wealth of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, potters, jewellers, and craftspeople who represent the culture, spirit, and lifestyle of the islands. These creative communities rely on tourism traffic in the peak summer season to sustain their livelihoods and artistic pursuits. Then came the pandemic, which caused a sudden halt to travel and the absence of visitors to sustain the creative communities on the island. Many artists saw their sales drop a staggering 80-100%.

In the spirit of community, local not-for-profit, Misty Isles Economic Development Society (MIEDS), with the support of the provincial government provided funding to develop the site. Born from a collaborative brainstorming session with economic development teams on island, Shop Haida Gwaii was born.

The Shop Haida Gwaii site provides local artists with year round opportunities to showcase their work domestically. Every purchase is a step towards a more resilient local economy and supports the continued creative legacy of Haida Gwaii.

Our Values

Equal opportunity

The Shop Haida Gwaii site provides equal opportunities to all creatives on the island. Whether you are just getting started with your craft or are a seasoned artisan - there are opportunities to flourish at Shop Haida Gwaii.

Economic Resilience

We put the work in to support artists, makers and businesses by helping to extend their selling seasons. Shop Haida Gwaii provides year round economic opportunity through a sustainable non-profit model.

Creative Expression

The Arts are essential to Haida Gwaii. Shop Haida Gwaii brings together a community of makers and offers them opportunity for financial stability. By promoting the islands artists we are helping them to grow.

A community first initiative

How it Works

1. Local artists and businesses sign up to be vendors
2. Vendors list their wares for sale on their own shop pages
3. Customers browse local vendors pieces on the site
4. Vendors ship items out to you directly from their studios on Haida Gwaii

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Come meet the artists, potters, jewellers, vendors and craftspeople who are writing their creative existence on Haida Gwaii.

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