Home to the Haida since time immemorial - the rugged beauty of Haida Gwaii inspires both residents and visitors alike. Come explore the magic of the misty isles, take photos, support local makers, and leave nothing but footprints behind.

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Whether you've come to explore the rugged coast, revel in the arts, or learn about Haida history and culture - the Kaats'ii Hla | Ḵáats'a Hlaa This is Haida Gwaii trip planner guide will make planning your trip easy.

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Visit Respectfully

Yahguudang | Yagudáng | Respect for all beings

In honouring your invitation to visit Haida Gwaii, it is important to give back and to contribute more than you have taken. This is how the island maintains balance. 

Ging gang da yahgudangs ang.

G̱a da Kaa Kyang.ga G̱il ga.

You show your self-respect by coming.

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Take The Pledge

Haida Gwaii is a treasure full of life and culture. Everyone on Haida Territories shares a responsibility to care for the Air, Ocean, Land and People.

Before you visit, remember to take the Haida Gwaii Pledge.

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Ready to Visit?

Haida Gwaii is full of wonderful local businesses, friendly faces, and sprawling landscapes. Whether you prefer a salty day at sea or an afternoon among the ancient forests there is something for everyone to experience.

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