#6 of the Magnificent 7 Tabletop Centerpiece

#6 of the Magnificent 7 Tabletop Centerpiece

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This stunning centerpiece has a top made up of a slab of a red cedar burl and the voids from rots and damage are filled with epoxy coloured with ‘Interference Red’ (it looks more violet to me). The beautiful deep rich colours of red cedar go together perfectly with hints of pearl violet.

The base is a piece of the hemlock stump and roots that I rescued from a burn pile. This Phoenix literally came from the ashes. The base also has hints of pearl violet and just enough of the black charring remains to keep this piece a truly stunning Phoenix

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture

1.5 kg

L-51 cm

W-24 cm

H-12 cm




L-33 cm