5-Tier Large Display

5-Tier Large Display

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This entire display is made from Sitka Spruce.  The shelves are slabs of spruce burls,  the base is a large burl slab and the upright posts came from spruce branches complete with their own burls.

The burl slab shelves show off the colours of sunsets, from reds and roses to yellows and oranges. The two top shelves are matching and the bottom three match. The upright posts are drilled through the center, held with an arbour, placed in a lathe with both ends facing perpendicular to the arbour. The top burl shelf has a special fabricated hidden fastener to screw the entire shelf base upright all together with a threaded rod.


Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture

22 kg

L-61 cm

W-76 cm

H-130 cm