2-Tier Root Based Side Table

2-Tier Root Based Side Table

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This stunning two-tier side table begins with the roots of a juvenile pine tree set in a shimmering metallic silver epoxy for the base. The trunk starts at a burl and from it sprouted four stalks. The dominant stalk ends abruptly in another burl and branches radiate from it horizontally with their own burls where this dominant stalk and burl end .

The artist has placed an ear-shaped epoxy shelf complete with the cracked ice effect and a translucent warm peach tint. The three remaining stalks support the upper table top, a twenty-three inch round epoxy disc also with the cracked ice effect and a warm translucent peach coloured tint.

Altogether this piece shows off the talent of the artist, compiling several unique pieces into one magnificent side table. Nature’s imperfect or even ugly tree has inspired the artist and transformed it into a stunning masterpiece.

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture

20 kg

L-85 cm

W-63 cm

H-56 cm