Blue Cracked Ice Side Table

Blue Cracked Ice Side Table

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This beautiful side table might be the ‘talk of the town’, in a good way. It started as a small malformed pine tree that had been uprooted. Burls bulged from various limbs. I like them. It was just tall enough to make it into a side table, but it needed a shelf to show off the burl that turned into a ‘river shelf’. The base needed some support to secure the table, so the bottom was poured, handmade and painted coy fish were added as well a ‘reef’ of calcite rocks to further enjoy.

Now the had to be clear so one can enjoy the roots, burls, the reef, churning water and coy fish. But completely clear might make it boring, so I added the luminescent blue to the cracked ice. One of the most difficult pieces that I have imagined, but one of the most satisfying to look at and enjoy.

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture

15 kg

L-68 cm

W-63 cm

H-50 cm