Dragon Head Dinner Table

Dragon Head Dinner Table

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This tabletop has been waiting for some legs to complete it. Believe it or not, there is over eleven gallons of epoxy in this table. It’s quite heavy, so the base has to be strong and stable, so the choice was steel tubing. I believe the base needs to be just as beautiful as the top. So the legs and coupler have been designed, bent, formed, welded and finished by the same artist that had imagined and designed the top. The legs were then ‘painted’ with VA gun metal metallic grey epoxy. The legs and coupler are easily removed from the top to aid in shipping, storage or

setting up.


The top: The wood, I believe is hemlock. It was in a burn pile but didn’t get completely burned. The ‘chunk’ was brought home along with other firewood. When it had dried out, it went inside the house but was too big to go in the wood stove. I cut a couple of slabs off of it and noticed ‘dragon heads’. I cleaned out some rot that became the eyes which I coloured red metallic and a background of gold in turmoil because dragons love gold! A beauty regardless of if you like

dragons or not.


55 kg

Diameter-122 cm

H-76 cm