Four Spruce Burl River Coffee Table

Four Spruce Burl River Coffee Table

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This beautiful coffee table starts with a 3” thick piece of Russian poplar, cut into an oval base. Two turned poplar sleeve couplers are attached to the base. Two school marmed red cedar tree trunks make up the legs of the table (a school marm is a branch that comes out of the tree trunk, then for some reason curls 90 degrees and grows vertical like another tree trunk).

These legs are fitted into the base couplers and are removable. The top is bolted through the legs and into the underside of the table top. The top consists of 4 almost identical spruce burls that has a river that perpetually runs through them and into the ocean that surrounds all of them. The gorgeous blue ocean and river comes to life with its currents, swirls and metallic shimmers. All of this is cast into an oval which compliments the shape of the base. In all, 4 pieces make up this stunning work of art.

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture

30 kg

L - 107 cm

W - 75 cm

H - 46 cm