Five-Colour Epoxy Coffee Table

Five-Colour Epoxy Coffee Table

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This simple coffee table needed some love and personality. First I made some legs out of Western red cedar and attached them with a special screw which screwed into the top and into the leg. The top is hollow but had a flaw and to give it some personality, I decided to try my hand at abstract art. I mixed up five bottles of

different colours of epoxy, each about 500 ml.


This was deep pour epoxy, so its curing time is usually one week, although it starts to thicken and freeze after about 18-20 hours. I didn’t pour it until about 10-12 hours. I poured the five colours in swirls randomly all over the top, then mixed with a popsicle stick between the colours. At one point I saw two dragon heads but the colours didn’t ‘freeze’ in time.


Tell me what you think of it!


9 kg

L-104 cm

W-51 cm

H-46 cm