12” Pine Tree Bowl & Root Base

12” Pine Tree Bowl & Root Base

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When I first spotted this tiny pine tree, it was like a little low lying bush. I had no idea what I would or could make out of it. Something about it attracted me. I brought it home and there it sat for about one year until an opportunity arose. I moulded the branches to cradle a bowl which was very challenging to manage 20 individual little branches at the same time. The next challenge was to keep the bowl and the base level. Next it needed a base to support the bowl so a metallic salmon-coloured epoxy base was poured as the root base wasn’t adequate enough on its own. Now it sits proudly, waiting for you to put some fruit or chips or popcorn in it to complete its next task.

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture


1.75 kg

H-21 cm

W-33 cm

L-33 cm