Horsehead Island Table

Horsehead Island Table

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This table was two years in the making. I spotted a Western red cedar trunk and immediately saw its potential in a tabletop. I cut it into slabs with an Alaskan chainsaw mill.

This was my first ‘deep pour’. My form sprung a leak, so I spent the whole night babysitting it. I learned a lot, fixing mistakes and solving problems as I went along - that’s why it has taken 2 years.

Originally, I made a wooden base, but it was heavy and springy. So I decided to go with steel tubing. That was great but then I needed a tubing bender. The blue ‘water’ turned out even better than expected. It almost looks alive. I added rocks of calcite and cleaned out rot that has now become the horse’s eye. You can look at this for hours and still find something that you had missed earlier.

An exquisite piece of craftsmanship and art that you will never grow tired of.

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture

40 kg

H-76 cm

W-107 cm

L-107 cm