4-Toed Foot Lamp

4-Toed Foot Lamp

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This started out with a walk on the beach. A piece of sun bleached drift wood caught my eye. It had a real personality about it. The grain twisted and turned. Then I saw this chunk of wood had a character in it that made me smile.

I put it in the car, drove home and started to imagine what I would make out of it. I cut a broken end off of it and noticed an unmistakeable aroma of Western red cedar. Then I sanded the outside to see what the real colour of the cedar looked like and was pleasantly surprised. It was so dark, rich and aromatic. Nothing was carved to enhance the shape, even the ‘toes’ are separated by natural cracks that were in the wood. After only a few hours of work and sanding, I brought it upstairs to show my wife. The reaction was priceless, no words, just a wonderful, hearty, laugh out loud.

Now I need to find a perfect shade to make it complete. This piece has been pure joy to work on. Mother nature created it and I saw its potential, and with a smile on my face, brought it to life.

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture


2 kg

H-48 cm

W-25 cm

L-30 cm