Nerves Out Loud | Young Adult

Nerves Out Loud | Young Adult

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When something major occurs in your life, you are never the same again. In Nerves Out Loud, seven women writers share pivotal moments from their teen years, concentrating on an event or series of events that changed their lives and turned them in a new direction. By telling their stories passionately and fearlessly, these authors encourage young women everywhere to grab their youth and their sense of self and hold on tight as they examine who they are. 

Told in each woman's unique voice, these stories are conveyed sometimes with humor and sometimes with terror, but each with a sense of urgency and honesty. Susan Musgrave, the series editor's, Going Crazy, Wanna Come? invites readers into her wild teen years on the run -- from school, to California, from a mental hospital. With the help of other writers she realizes she isn't crazy -- she's a poet.

Book can be autographed (personalized dedication) by the series author, upon request. Postage and mailing bag included in price.