Three-tier Water Feature Display

Three-tier Water Feature Display

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This inspiration came from a collection of different pieces of wood and at different times. The post or trunk used to be a piece of Sitka spruce driftwood, the shelves were originally meant to be firewood (alder) and the ‘colour’ was a collaboration between my daughter and myself.

The trunk used to be bleached white, had been attacked by teredos and showed signs of rot. I decided to stain it dark brown. The shelves were saved from the wood stove a couple of years ago when I decided to slice the alder into slabs, dried it out thoroughly, and made it as water tight as possible with duct tape. Then I discovered this amazing turquoise gold and it finally all came together to make this gorgeous piece.

Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii


Unique’D Furniture


7 kg

H -60 cm

W-46 cm

L-46 cm