Root Top Table for Two or Three

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This piece is simple yet complicated. It all started from this alder root and collected dust for about 2 years before the vision was complete.
Many things had to come together to be able to complete this work of art. First, the root was tied down and flattened onto a piece of plywood then a face plate was fastened to the other side of the plywood.
An adapter rod and wedge were "invented "to couple to the face plate, and the entire root and plywood turned on the outside of the artist's lathe. A task in itself, the stem or trunk was turned to accept the steel tubing (center post). The root was coated with a clear finish. It was then encased in epoxy, tinted lightly and a technique developed to mimic fractured ice was applied to the top.
The center post and legs are made from tubular steel, cut and welded and designed by the artist. Then finished with a heavy metallic silver /gold and randomly patterned (hard to see in the photo).
A gorgeous piece of art that entwines Mother Nature and modern structure together.
Handcrafted in Haida Gwaii
Unique'D Furniture